Abortion is Becoming a Form of  Ethnic Cleansing
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News Flash! Anglicans helped undue slavery in Britain
Abortion is slavery—the Child must die because the government states it is property in countries like the U.S., check out parallel to: The Dred Scott Decision In effect, the Court ruled that slaves had no claim to freedom; they were property and not citizens; they could not bring suit in federal court; because slaves were private property !
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Wake Up Anglicans, Abortion is Slavery!
Experience the moving experience that I did when I began my journey 40 years ago studying for ministry. Who is this man William Wilberforce and a Priest by the name John Newton? Tears came to my eyes as I rediscovered in video one of my hero's, who reminded me how great our cause is.
 Fr. Bentley+ Director APFL
Amazing Grace: The Story of William Wilberforce is the story of an extraordinarily ordinary man, some 200 years ago, who through faith, struggle and perseverance overcame a 17-year battle to abolish the slave trade throughout the British Empire. This feature film produced by Bristol Bay Productions who also brought you Sahara and Ray chronicles a tiny David taking on an enormous capitalistic Goliath that was a large part of the British economy--and he succeeded.
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